Landscape Maintenance


The care of your landscape investment can reward you with years of enjoyment.  Guzman Landscape has the knowledge and expertise to maintain your investment. We can provide the complete maintenance of your landscape or design a customized program of services of your choice.

Lawn Services

Proper cutting heights and mowing lines help provide a beautiful lawn. Trimming and edging of the turf are the finishing touches we provide.

Lawn Services 1
Lawn Services 2
lawn sevices

Trimming and Pruning

A landscape can get out of control without proper trimming and pruning practices. We provide different programs to address the needs of the plants in your landscape.

Trimming 1

Flower Planting

Let us brighten your landscape by with colorful flowers. We use a wide variety of annuals and perennials for your enjoyment.

Flower Planting 1
Flower Planting 2
Flower Planting 3

Flower Planters

We can accent your landscape with color and texture using your planters or we can provide planters for you.

Planter 1
Planter 2